Top Level Vanity Domain Names For Sale

For those of you who are not aware of domain names here is a brief explanation. A domain name is basically an address on the Internet. It is similar to your home address only this is real estate on the Internet. The beauty of it is once you create your original domain name it becomes your intellectual property right as long as you want to keep it. Maintenance will only cost you around eight dollars a year. Each domain name is like an individual work of art and there can only be one. Unlike an address of an actual building where there could be hundreds of 121 Maple Streets, your domain name will be unique. For example, my domain name,, is the only one in the world even though there are countless cities called Portland and countless people named Dan, Danny, or Daniel. I control this particular domain name and there can be no other. The most important aspect of creating a domain name is that it is easy for people to remember and easy for people to find you on the internet.

Domain names have many uses that include building a website, starting a blog, setting up a chat room and creating custom e-mail addresses, such as Custom email addresses are useful in the event you switch Internet service providers (i.e. switching from AOL to Comcast or ATT). When you change service providers you are required to change your email address or pay both service providers. Once you create your domain name you can set it up to forward all your emails to any email address you want. Additionally, you can set up multiple domain names and forward them to one main website. For example, my main website is I also use,,, and I have them all set up to forward to my website

Currently, a large amount of these names have already been taken so I started creating vanity domain names for speculative reasons. Click on the link My Domain Names to see the list of the ones that I have for sale.  These domain names are some of the most prestigious vanity domain names that were left so I am asking $25,000 each.  These domain names are a status symbol and will make a great marketing tool.  They really come in handy if your business has a long or complex name, it's just a lot easier for people in Texas to remember or people in New York to remember  So take a look at the names I have for sale and if you are interested email me or give me a call